Jul 3, 2008

Tradecraft: Sixties Spies Return!

Shakespeare In Love director John Madden is in negotiations to direct a script co-written by Layer Cake's Matthew Vaughn about a female secret agents in the Sixties. All I really need to know is "female secret agent in the Sixties" and I'm there, but there are a few more details. The Debt will be a remake of a 2007 Israeli film called HaHov, which The Hollywood Reporter says "follows a trio of 1960s Israeli intelligence agents who pursue a Nazi war criminal only to have him escape. More than 30 years later, their target re-emerges, forcing one of the agents to track him down and preserve their decades-old cover-up. As with the original, the remake is expected to feature two actresses playing the female protagonist in the '60s and '90s." Jane Goldman co-wrote the adaptation with Vaughn, and Miramax will release.

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