Jul 1, 2008

New Spy DVDs Out Today

Get Smart's Bruce And Lloyd Out Of CONTROL

Another Tuesday, another Get Smart title that isn't the real Get Smart... Today's cash-in on the so-so theatrical movie is a neat concept, to be sure. It's not a sequel to the new movie, but a direct-to-DVD tie-in that takes place concurrently to the events in the film and stars two of its appealing supporting actors, Masi Oka and Nate Torrence, as hapless CONTROL techies Bruce and Lloyd. Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd Out of CONTROL sees them trying to recover their stolen "invisibility cloak," and features cameos from some of the other actors in the movie, including one who makes a surprise cameo at the end of the theatrical film playing a beloved fixture of the series. Furthermore, it's written by the writers of the theatrical film, Matt Ember and Tom J. Astle. I'm intrigued enough by the concept to check it out.

Be aware that Best Buy is offering an exclusive two-disc edition. As far as I can tell, the only extras on the second disc are the first two episodes of the classic TV show, but that's a damn good extra if you don't already have them in the Time-Life collection! Also, it's got much better art (pictured) than the lame regular version!

Anglo Saxon Attitudes

Also out today, from Acorn Media, is that British miniseries I mentioned a few months ago, Anglo Saxon Attitudes. It's not a spy show at all, but it does star two very notable spy stars: Deadlier Than the Male's Bulldog Drummond Richard Johnson and that Daniel Craig guy (who I gather stars in some spy movies). This might be worth a watch for fans of those actors, although I suspect Craig's role (one of his first) is really much smaller than the misleading box cover would indicate.

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