Jun 25, 2009

Deep Deep Down Guitar Tabs

Armstrong over at Mister 8 has gone back to posting guitar tablature for spy themes, and this week's choice is "Deep Deep Down," Ennio Morricone's unforgettable theme from Danger: Diabolik. Musically inclined spy fans should definitely check it out! I'd say "Deep Deep Down" is a great song to know how to play in a pinch. As proof, Armstrong includes video of a band called Kriminal Hammond Inferno covering the song. It's a really cool performance, but (surprisingly for a group comprised of masked musicians dressed up like various Italian costumed adventurers!) a bit restrained in comparison to the lavish, wild-eyed cover by Faith No More's Mike Patton (with a full orchestra!) that Tim Lucas linked to a few months ago from Video WatchBlog. Armstrong also links to a lengthy and fascinating post on Diabolik and its music over at Stephen Bissette's blog. Bissette includes in his post the notes he made for his appearance in the documentary about the film on Paramount's Diabolik DVD.

Read my full review of Danger: Diabolik, one of my favorite spy movies ever, here.


Ted said...

Also worth noting that Deep Deep Down is the only song from the soundtrack that was ever officially released. Someone find those master tapes! A fantastic lost soundtrack.

Tanner said...

Oh, yeah... That would be a windfall indeed if someone found those tapes! Hey, anything's possible! I always bought into the notion that The Wicker Man soundtrack tapes were lost and made do with that crappy bootleg with SFX and then, lo and behold, they turned up! So maybe that will happen with Diabolik. My bootleg CD, however (the first version, with the cool orange digipak), will always remain precious because John Phillip Law signed it for me!