Jun 22, 2009

Spies At DVDTrash

Be sure to check out this week's roundtable over at DVDTrash. The topic is one clearly dear to my heart: "Outside of 007, what is your favourite Spy/Eurospy movie? If you have more than one then give us a top 3!" You can read my own response (in which I manage to squeeze in at least five titles despite the limitations) and those of many other esteemed movie bloggers at DVDTrash. It makes for interesting reading. Furthermore, my own answer (parts of which at least will be somewhat predictable to regular readers) gives some hints as to future entries in my ongoing series here about My Favorite Spy Movies! I could never really narrow my own favorite spy movies down to a list of only three, so those posts provide me with a broader outlet for sharing.

While you're visiting DVDTrash, you might also find it educational to read Nick's post about Agent 69, star of a series of Seventies Danish spy porn comedies! This Agent 69 is not a spy whose adventures I was familiar with, although some of them are, apparently, available on DVD, and DVDTrash offers a very intriguing review. Cult movie fans will no doubt be elated and horrified in equal measure to know that two of the films co-star The Sinful Dwarf himself, Torbin Bille, as some sort of karate expert!

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