Jun 23, 2009

New Spy DVDs Out This Week

The only new DVD this week that I'm aware of that's even remotely spy is MGM's The Pink Panther 2. The movie really wasn't terrible, but then again it doesn't do much to justify its existence either. If you ever have the urge to watch a Pink Panther movie without Peter Sellers, though, you could honestly do worse than Steve Martin's second go-round. Then again, how often are you in the mood for Sellers-less Panther? Fox and MGM certainly don't do anything to sweeten the deal extras-wise. The only movie-related feature on the Blu-Ray or the two-disc DVD is a trailer. The second disc of the DVD is taken up with old Pink Panther cartoons. It's true that you can't go wrong with those, but most Panther fans will already have them on one of the many collections that's been released in the past. If you're curious, the movie's definitely worth a rent–and even offers some big laughs for juvenile minds like my own. But it's probably not worth buying unless you're a hardcore Panther completist or Martin fan. If for some reason you've never seen any Pink Panther movie before, forget Martin altogether and go rent–or better still, buy–one of the Sellers classics like The Pink Panther, A Shot In the Dark (with the lucious Elke Sommer!) or Return of the Pink Panther!

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