Jan 30, 2009

Latest Neo-Eurospy Movie Opens Tonight In USA

Luc Besson's Europa Corp's latest entry in the neo-Eurospy genre they're single-handedly perpetuating opens tonight in North America. Taken, directed by Pierre Morel (District B13, cinematographer on the first Transporter), plugs the somewhat unlikely candidate Liam Neeson into the successful Transporter formula as a former spy who sets out on a mission of vengeance, using his unique skill set to track down and kill the people who have kidnapped his daughter–and seriously messing up Paris in the process. ("I'll tear down the Eiffel Tower if I have to!") The script is by producer Besson and his Transporter trilogy co-writer Robert Mark Kamen (Lethal Weapon 3). Goldeneye's Famke Janssen co-stars.

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Keith said...

I've been really wanting to see this one. I love the trailer. I always liked Liam, but never imagined him doing a movie like this.