Jan 21, 2009

Never Say Never Again Reissue Artwork

Fox has provided the cover art for March's Never Say Never Again Blu-Ray. The artwork is the same on the Special Edition DVD. Interestingly, like the previous DVD edition, the MGM logo is nowhere to be found on this packaging, front or spine. It's the only title I've ever seen MGM issue without their logo. And one of the few discs I've ever seen with no studio logo whatsoever! I assume it must be contractual, in an effort to distinguish this rogue production from the official line of Bond movies... but that seems a bit bizarre since otherwise the artwork is clearly trying to look like Bond and fit in with the currently available packaging. Weird. The last version didn't say "James Bond" or "007" anywhere on the front; this one manages to sneak it on there via an entirely non-subjective Variety quote. Still nothing in the title treatment, though.

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Anonymous said...

That's some sexy cover art!