Feb 13, 2009

Listen To Duffy's "Live And Let Die" Cover Now

Listen To Duffy's "Live And Let Die" Cover Now

You can now preview the charity covers album War Child: Heroes on MySpace... the album that features Welsh singer Duffy covering the James Bond song "Live And Let Die" by Paul McCartney and Wings. As reported last fall on the Double O Section, the War Child: Heroes project involved esteemed musicians picking younger artists they like to cover songs of their choosing. Sir Paul selected Duffy, who was widely speculated to be a contender for the Quantum of Solace theme song once Amy Winehouse fell through. I'm not sure her "Live And Let Die" rendition gives us a proper hint of what an original Duffy Bond theme would sound like, though, because it's a pretty radical reimagining of the song... and all the better for it. The slowed down soul version is certainly a far cry from the Wings original or the familiar Guns'n'Roses cover, but that's what makes it interesting. I think I like it. It's certainly got Mel B's version beat, at any rate! Listen to Duffy's cover of "Live And Let Die" on MySpace now.

The album comes out on February 16 in the UK and February 24 in America.


Armstrong Sabian said...

I had planned on hating this album, but it's actually pretty fantastic. I'm glad that the songs chosen were not the expected #1 singles. I never, ever, ever expected to like a Lily Allen cover of my favorite Clash song, but...there it is.

Tanner said...

Yeah, I like the Lily Allen track, too. I wasn't as crazy about Peaches' Iggy Pop cover as I expected to be, but Beck's "Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat" fully lived up to my expectations! Overall, I thought it was a good listen--and I'll definitely be buying the album.