Apr 25, 2010

Summer Spy Trailers

This is kind of old news I'd meant to post a few weeks ago, but I'd be remiss to let it slip altogether.  New trailers debuted recently for the summer spy movie Tom Cruise chose not to appear in and the one he did choose... and they both look pretty awesome.  Apple has the latest trailer for Salt, the Phillip Noyce-directed 90s throwback CIA action movie in which Angelina Jolie stepped into the role vacated by Cruise, necessitating a quick gender change for the titular protagonist.  I can kind of see why Cruise opted out, because the movie does look very much in the vein of his Mission: Impossible franchise: fairly serious spy drama with lots of betrayals, heavy on the action.  Knight & Day, on the other hand, looks like much more lighthearted spy fare, but equally fun.  I do wish Cruise didn't seem to be playing it quite so manic (presumably to further distance this secret agent character from M:I's Ethan Hunt), but the premise looks sound and the action looks pretty darn amazing.  There's a new domestic trailer that shows more of it than we've seen before, in more far-flung exotic locations, and there's also a new international trailer up at /film here, which reveals even more.  I really love that international trailer.  It's clear that director James Mangold really packs in the action!  I'm getting a kind of True Lies vibe here; this is another Hollywood stab at the Bond formula.  I love what we see of that European street chase, even if the motorcycle bits do seem lifted from Tomorrow Never Dies. Overall, it's shaping up to be a good summer for spies.  I'm really looking forward to both of these movies!  Knight & Day opens June 25; Salt opens July 23.

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