Apr 12, 2010

Upcoming Spy DVDs: A Cold War Spy Collection

On May 25, Acorn Media will release two Eighties British spy TV miniseries–one previously available and one long sought after by fans.  The two-disc set A Cold War Spy Collection will include The Glory Boys (1984) and The Contract (1988), both written by espionage specialist Gerald Seymour.  The Glory Boys, which was originally broadcast in the United States on TBS, features Anthony Perkins as a British intelligence agent tasked with stopping a joint IRA/Palestinian hit team out to kill an Israeli nuclear scientist (Rod Steiger) in London. New Avenger and Bond Girl Joanna Lumley co-stars. The rarer The Contract follows a British agent sent to bring a Soviet defector across Germany and into the West, testing familial and political loyalties on both sides of the Berlin Wall. That one sounds amazing to me.  I love spy stories of the wall-crossing variety, and while most of them seem to be set in the Sixties, the Eighties are a fascinating era in Cold War history. Plus, that's some snazzy cover art!

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