Apr 15, 2010

Tradecraft: Burn Notice Renewed Again... And Again

The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline Hollywood both report that USA's Burn Notice, unsurprisingly, been renewed for a fifth season... and a sixth one as well for good measure.  So the best spy show on television isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  I thought Season 3 showed a bit of a drop after the excellent Season 2 (just a bit), possibly owing to series creator Matt Nix's split focus between Burn Notice and his forthcoming Fox cop show The Good Guys... but I'll still take Burn Notice over most other shows, and eagerly await its Season 4 debut on June 3.  I just hope they manage to break the repetitive formula of some mysterious person giving Michael orders in B-plots throughout the season only to fizzle out anticlimactically at the end.  Burn Notice: Season Three comes out on DVD June 1 and The Good Guys starts up June 7, making that an awfully busy week for Mr. Nix.

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