Aug 17, 2010

Mark Gatiss Tweets About Bond

There is no news here; only me geeking out that someone I admire so much geeks out about the same stuff I do.  Mark Gatiss was in Los Angeles recently to promote Sherlock, and according to his Twitter account he had a very Bond-filled trip.  (Or Licence To Kill-filled, anyway.)  These tweets made me like the Devil in Amber writer even more:
Bugger me! Just met Felix Leiter on the street. That's what LA is for. David bloody Hedison! Although name's is for tombstones, of course.

In restaurant last night, turned to see Robert Davi at nearby table! After yesterday's Felix Leiter, this is Bond heaven!

If Anthony Zerba  isn't at breakfast I'll be very disappointed.
Sounds like Mr. Gatiss had a wonderful trip.  I live in this city and never see that many Bond stars in a two-day period!

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