Sep 20, 2010

Tradecraft: 24 Producer's Latest Spy Show Lands At Showtime

Howard Gordon's Homeland has found a home of its own on cable, reports Variety.  According to the trade, the Manchurian Candidate-esque project, which is based on an Israeli show called Prisoners of War, "revolves around the aftermath of the release of a U.S. soldier after a long period of captivity as a prisoner of war.  He's been presumed dead, which heightens the surprise when he is set free.  But after he returns home, a female CIA agent becomes convinced that he has become a rogue agent now focused on aiding the enemy."  The CIA agent becomes obsessed with preventing the next 9/11, which is familiar territory for writer/producers Gordon and Alex Gansa, both veterans of 24.  Gordon sees cable as the ideal home for his series, saying that the 10-12 episode season format works perfectly for its serial plotline.  The trade also adds that former Jack Ryan Ben Affleck (a hot commodity after his number one opener The Town) is rumored to be in talks to direct the pilot. 

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