Sep 23, 2010

Tradecraft: J.J. Abrams' Lost Spies Defect To NBC

Today's First New Spy Show: Remember that J.J. Abrams-produced series we just heard about a few days ago that would pair awesome Lost alums Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson as former covert operatives?  Well, unlike one of their characters, that talk has turned out to be more than just smoke.  Yesterday NBC won a fierce bidding war and narrowly beat out Lost network ABC for the show, Odd Jobs, according to The Vulture (via The Hollywood Reporter).  Since they made this move before their current Abrams spy series, Undercovers (which I found nearly as enjoyable as it was unoriginal, despite the reviews), debuted to a lacklustre 8.6 million viewers, perhaps NBC wanted a second comedic Abrams spy show to pair with their first?  Or perhaps they had an inkling as to how Undercovers would perform (maybe thanks to their own botched marketing campaign) and were shopping for a replacement Abrams spy show.  Either way, they've got it now.  Seems kind of weird that this Lost reunion will be on a network other than ABC, but there you have it.  NBC has committed to a pilot, as you do with J.J. Abrams shows.  Stay tuned for the second new spy series of the day...

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