Jan 28, 2011

BBC America Website Offers Bond Trivia, Games and More 

BBC America is just wrapping up a month-long James Bond marathon called "007 '11," and to promote it they set up a dedicated mini-site devoted to 007. It's actually a pretty good site! It's got some fun, silly stuff like a "What's my Bond name?" quiz and some surprisingly challenging trivia. You can play separate trivia challenges for the first four Connery movies, and while I was fully expecting to breeze through them, I must sheepishly admit that I got some wrong.  There are some tougher questions than I was expecting from this sort of thing!  Give it a try.  I might be too late to promote the marathon (although if you're reading this site I suspect you already own all these movies anyway), but I imagine the site won't go anywhere. BBC America shows Bond movies all the time.
Thanks to Josh for calling my attention to this!


Bob said...

Did the four Connery films trivia. I have to admit I missed a few also!!

jason whiton said...

I had fun with this mini site at the end of Dec on Spy Vibe:


My "Bond name" is Ivan deHoldem :)

-Jason (Spy Vibe)