Jan 6, 2011

New Spycom Hits Canadian TV

I'd missed this completely, but luckily Rob over at The Medium Is Not Enough is always on top of television from all over the English-speaking world, and he's got a review up of a new Canadian spy sitcom called InSecurity. He doesn't like it: "By about four minutes in, I was wondering if I could read some instruction manuals, count rice grains, or watch paint dry - all more fun activities than watching InSecurity." Ouch. But since it's a spy show, I'm still duty-bound to report on it... and would actually like to see for myself, even if that's a masochistic impulse. (In a possible sign of hope, he compares it to The Piglet Files, which I liked more than he seems to have.) Maybe it will turn up on DVD eventually. In the meantime, read Rob's review, visit the show's official site (which streams episodes, but only in Canada) and check out the rather unfunny YouTube teaser below. Or, if you happen to live in Canada, watch it at 8:30 Tuesday nights on CBC.

This, by the way, is totally unrelated to In Security (with a space), the hourlong dramady about two sisters in the private security business coming this year to TBS.

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Rob Buckley said...

Thanks for the link! Yes, unfortunately, InSecurity was pretty dreadful. And The Piglet Files is actually probably better - good for the time and there's still at least one line of dialogue that sticks with me from it. I don't think much of this will stick with me.