Jan 18, 2011

Hoebers See RED Again

Collider (via AICN) reports that Summit has hired Erich and Jon Hoeber, who penned last year's fun retired spy comedy RED, to write a sequel script.  The movie was a hit and even earned a Golden Globe nomination (which is honestly kind of weird), so a sequel definitely doesn't seem beyond the realm of possibility.  The ending certainly introduced the prospect before the credits even rolled on the first film.  I really enjoyed RED (review here) and I'd love to see more of those actors accomplishing more Mission: Impossible-style heists and cons.  I certainly hope there's room for Karl Urban to return as well as higher-profile stars Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and John Malkovich.  Collider's story doesn't provide any specifics, but it seems unlikely that the sequel will be based on Cully Hammer's sequel to the comic book he and Warren Ellis originated.  And why should it?  The first film certainly didn't hew very closely to the source material and it turned out just fine. 

RED hits DVD and Blu-ray next week.

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Bob said...

"Red" was one of those 'guilty pleasure' films you enjoy and have a hard time sometimes justifying.

It would be fun to see Karl Urban's character work with the team on their next outing. Besides, any film with the hottie Helen Mirren has to be worth watching.