Jan 19, 2011

Tradecraft: Spook Jonathan Kaye Comes to New Hawaii Five-0

Recently, the primary spy antagonist of the original Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett's arch-nemesis Wo Fat, turned up on CBS' new version of the show in the person of Mark Dacascos. Now, Deadline reports that recurring good guy Intelligence man "Jonathan Kaye from Washington" (originally played by Lyle Bettger, Bill Edwards, Joseph Sirlola and others) will soon follow–sort of.  Like Kono (Zulu in the original; Grace Park in the new version), Kaye will undergo a sex change and an appropriate name change as well.  According to the trade blog, former Secret World of Alex Mack star Larisa Oleynik (all grown up now) will be joining the cast of the remake series as Jessica Kaye, a "highly educated ex-CIA analyst who goes to Hawaii to assist Five-0 in the pursuit of Wo Fat."  Since everybody on the new version needs a personal stake in things (the bland new McGarrett lost not one but both of his parents to recurring series villains!), Jessica has a backstory never deemed necessary for her male predecessor. Apparently, "Wo Fat was responsible for the murder of her fiancé, a well respected CIA field agent." It sounds like the new J. Kaye will play a bigger part on the series than her original namesake. Oleynik's role is a recurring one for the rest of this season, but with an option to become a series regular next year.

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Anonymous said...

WHY do they need to f**k about with what was a winning formula for several years?

The original 5-O was a classic. The new one never will be. Try and update it all you like, it smacks of desperation and bankrupt imagination.

Instead of desecrating old classics, they should try and come up with some decent *new* ideas, for God's sake.

Wiseguy70005 said...

It is amazing that people still refer to the series as Hawaii Five-O. The name is derived from the fact that Hawaii is the fiftieth state (5-0). The title is, was and always will be Hawaii Five-0, with a zero not a letter.