Jan 26, 2011

Tradecraft: Stephen Gaghan to Direct Dead Spy Running?

We heard way back in 2008 that McG had signed on to produce and direct a then still unpublished spy novel, Dead Spy Running by Jon Stock, for Warner Bros.  In early 2009, Syriana writer/director Stephen Gaghan came aboard to pen the script.  The book itself saw publication in the UK later that year and finally came out in America last year, but for the longest time there was no word of movement on the film.  Now, apparently McG is no longer planning to direct, but just produce.  Deadline reports that Gaghan is still working on the script, and considering directing the movie himself after he helms a TV pilot for NBC. We've seen that he can handle serious spy material in Syriana; I'm curious to see his take on a more action-oriented spy story like this one.

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