Jan 20, 2011

U.S. Cover Art For Carte Blanche Unveiled

The Book Bond (always the best place to get the latest news first about anything pertaining to the literary 007) has landed the cover artwork for Simon and Schuster's American edition of Jeffery Deaver's upcoming James Bond continuation novel, Carte Blanche.  It's definitely a striking image that should stand out on shelves... but not really to my taste for Bond covers. I think I prefer the UK one we saw earlier this week, when the title was announced. No matter which dust jacket ends up wrapped around the copy I read first, though, I can't wait for this book! With a bestselling author like Deaver (who I must confess I've never read), Carte Blanche should be the highest profile Bond continuation novel ever. Click here for more information on it.


Bob said...

I agree with you on the UK cover being much more sophisticated and attractive. The US cover looks like it belongs on a shelf at a Kansas Walmart! Yikes!!


David said...

Well, there's not much risk of customers missing the fact that it's a Bond book. :-)