Jan 3, 2011

Mission: Impossible Car Commercial With Peter Graves

Mission: Impossible Car Commercial With Peter Graves

Still trying to fill the void left in my life by finishing the last season of Mission: Impossible on DVD last year, I've been scouring YouTube for Peter Graves clips and stumbled across this awesome 1980s Oldsmobile commercial starring Graves and featuring Lalo Schifrin's Mission: Impossible theme music. It's not M:I, but it's closer to it than the movies!

There was also one with Graves' two season Mission: Impossible co-star, Leonard Nimoy, but it traded on his more famous Star Trek image instead of Mission. And it's not nearly as awesome.

If Eighties Graves simply won't do for you, and Seventies fashions are more important than Mission trappings like rubber face masks and music, you can also get a dose of Seventies Graves (open shirt and all) in the actor's light beer spots from that decade, like this one:


Francesca Paolucci said...

I like this blog!

Abe Lucas said...

Tanner, there's a youtube video that was apparently played at Peter Graves' memorial. The video begins with Graves playing clarinet and singing "I'd Rather Lead a Band", complete with rhythmically-challenged chorus girls in the background!


Ted said...

I had forgotten about that Olds commercial! I think it ran around the time of the 80's MI series. I finished the 60s-70s show over a year ago - there's a shrinking amount of spy television I have not seen, I need to slow down!