Oct 21, 2010

Archer DVD Art Mimicks Bond

A few weeks ago Fox announced Archer: The Complete Season One on DVD (along with a host of cool special features), and I expressed hope that they would use the promotional art inspired by Robert McGinniss' Live and Let Die poster for the cover.  Good news: they did!  TVShowsOnDVD posted the image yesterday.  How awesome is that?  It really nails what I love about this show: crisp, striking animation and design that draws from 007 in the Sixties through the Eighties.  The half-hour animated comedy takes place more or less today, but in a world of perpetual Cold War, allowing the creative team to pick and choose their favorite design elements, costumes and vehicles from various eras.  Be warned, though: as pretty as this FX show is to look at, it's an extremely raunchy comedy and definitely not to all tastes.  Personally, though, I love it.

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