Oct 5, 2010

Tradecraft: ABC Developing Another New Spy Series

Sorry if that headline feels like deja vu.  It's hard to generate good new headlines, though, when the networks are churning out so many new spy series these days that they don't even bother to name them!  According to Deadline, ABC (the same network that recently pounced on James Cameron's TV version of his 1994 feature True Lies) has ordered a pilot script from National Treasure 2 writer Greg Poirier for an "untitled spy drama" conceived to air during the summer.  They might as well call it "Untitled Spy Drama Number 146" or something given how many there are this devlopment season! (Not that I'm complaining, mind you.)  The trade blog reports that this one is "a female-centered spy show described as Taken meets The Bourne Identity." Of course it is. Grant Scharbo and Gina Matthews, the producers behind another ABC summer series, The Gates, will produce, and Emmy-winning director Steve Shill (Dexter) is in talks to helm the pilot.  The blog adds that "there is already talk about [the network ordering] 3-5 back-up scripts," so prospects for this potential series (whatever it ends up being called) are looking good.  Yay!  More spies on TV!

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