Oct 1, 2010

Tradecraft: Even Lifetime Wants A Spy Show

After last week's veritable plethora of spy show pickups, this week's comparitive dearth has been a bit disappointing.  But now, heading into the weekend, a clock-beating save comes from an unlikely source: Lifetime, once known as Lifetime Television For Women back when my friend T-Bone worked there. (And we never let him forget it.) According to Deadline, Lifetime has given a pilot order to Meet Jane, a drama from writer Andi Bushell (The Mentalist, Crossing Jordan, Criminal Minds) and producer Mark Pedowitz.  The trade blog reports that "Meet Jane centers on Jane Bilinksi, whose stale life as an unhappily married mother of two daughters in the Washington, DC area is suddenly re-energized and empowered when the FBI enlists her to spy on her husband, a computer technician the government suspects is selling top-secret information to Russia."  Wanna bet her handler is hunky and sweetly over-protective?  Actually, this sounds like it's got potential to me.  If it makes it to air, I'll be watching the pilot.

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