Oct 28, 2010

Your Mission: Ghost Protocol! 

Do those words make any sense to you?  Probably not, but that's kind of how it should be.  The new Mission: Impossible movie finally has a title, and, as we've been expecting, it is not Mission: Impossible 4.  Fortunately, though, it does feature the brand name.  There had been talk of dropping the M:I from the title altogether, citing The Dark Knight as precedent.  That would have been stupid.  And, since the film series has long since eschewed all other facets of the TV show on which its based, it also would have meant that Paramount was essentially paying what I assume are huge royalties for nothing more than a piece of music.  An awesome piece of music, to be sure, but that's all.  Anyway, that's not happening, so all that editorializing is moot.  Paramount execs have evidently come to their senses and realized that when you're trying to extend a brand, the brand name is important.  So the next title, officially (as reported by both The Vulture and Deadline) is Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.  Yes, that's apparently how the punctuation officially shakes out right now, which is weird.  It needs something between "Impossible" and "Ghost," unless it's actually about Impossible Ghosts and their protocols, which I doubt.  A dash, maybe?  As in M:I-2?  Hopefully that will happen.  But colons aside, it's not a bad spy title.  As my friend who pointed me to this news pointed out, it has that generic nonsense word combination that rings of Ludlum, which is all good for this sort of thing.  Kind of generic, but not bad....

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