Nov 21, 2006

Anne Hathaway Is The New 99

Variety reports today that Devil Wears Prada star Anne Hathaway is in talks to star opposite Steve Carell in the Get Smart movie. (Though the deal is not yet finalized.) I'm honestly not very familiar with the show (though hopefully that will change when the DVDs are released to retailers other than TimeLife next year), but from the clips I've seen of Barbara Feldon, this seems like pretty good casting to me. Thanks to the American version of The Office and the brilliant The 40 Year Old Virgin, I'm also convinced Carell can do no wrong and he seems perfect for the part. This is one of the spy movies in the works I'm most looking forward to right now!

Unfortunately, Hathaway seems to be the only former Disney starlet who hasn't attempted a recording career, so we might not get to hear a new over-modulated, electronica-tinged cover of Feldon's novelty single "99." What a pity.

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