Nov 11, 2006

Casino Royale Magazine Roundup

Here, FINALLY, are the covers for High Roller and Empire I promised to post so long ago.

007 (but not Daniel Craig) also made the covers of Arena (British, with Eva Green on front) and Out (American, with a random model in a Bond pose on front). The latter’s quite a strange piece of Bond coverage, only for die-hard completists or gay Bond fans. Articles include one rating each Bond actor on his "gayness" and "shagability," a 16-page photo spread of a model in various Bondian scenarios with a gay twist (such as framed by a man’s legs, ala the famous For Your Eyes Only poster) or at a casino table surrounded by lots of pouty young men, and the requisite story analyzing Fleming’s text for coded gay content. I’ve read plenty of essays that do a pretty good job addressing that topic academically, but this one loses all credibility with me with some factual errors right off the bat. Take the time to do your research!

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