Nov 13, 2006

Casino Royale Soundtrack

Tomorrow’s the big day for fans of spy music: the release of a new James Bond soundtrack! David Arnold’s score for Casino Royale comes out as a CD from Sony, and as a download on iTunes. The iTunes version is considerably longer than the CD version, presenting what Sony’s calling a "complete score." It’s a nice change for Bond fans who are used to getting only half of Arnold’s scores. (Most of the best music was left off the CD for Die Another Day, and the resulting album was the most unlistenable Bond disc in quite some time.) Strangely, though, neither the CD nor the iTunes album features the title track performed by Chris Cornell, even though the tune is said to recur throughout the score. Presumably this is because Cornell is on Interscope and Sony is releasing the soundtrack. According to the movie posters, there will be a single on Interscope, though there’s no sign of it yet...

Those who haven’t red the book Casino Royale should also be well warned: there are MAJOR SPOILERS on the tracklisting for the soundtrack album, so you may want to hold off on buying or downloading until after you’ve seen the movie.

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