Nov 18, 2006

Pierce’s New Spy Role

Either Brosnan’s still really bitter about being dumped by the Broccolis and eager for further revenge (a strong possibility, given the timing of this announcement), or else he’s totally over it and game for anything. Hard to tell from his newest role... in which he’ll be sending up 007... again. Whatever his motivations for doing it, I’ll be looking forward to the movie. It sounds like a potentially funny premise, and, as I’ve said before, I always like it when Brosnan sends up his Bond image. (His best performances to date are doing just that in The Tailor of Panama and The Matador!)

According to Hollywood Reporter, Brosnan is set to star in and produce a movie for New Line called Spy Vs. Stu. When regular guy Stu takes his girlfriend to a Caribbean island for a romantic getaway, he doesn’t realize that on the other end of the island is a superspy (Broz, naturally) recovering fresh off saving the world. And when that certain suave spy (who has an eye for the ladies, it seems) takes a liking to Stu’s girl, it’s war between the two men. Like I say, could be fun. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

(Shame about that title, though...)


vicky said...

Didn't Bronsan give EW an interview where the only good thing he said about playing Bond was the money? Didn't he constantly complain about the plots, the producers and the one liners?

Tanner said...

He gave a lot of interviews during that lengthy time when he didn't know whether they were going to rehire him or not for Bond 21, and, yes, an awful lot of them were pretty bitter. Mainly over the prospect of losing his job, I think, and in an especially unfair way.