Nov 26, 2006

"Kommissar X" Coming To Region 1 DVD!

Image Entertainment will release the first three movies in the popular Sixties Eurospy series "Kommissar X" this February. I've long been eager to see these movies, and I can hardly believe that they are actually getting legitimate DVD release in America despite their obscurity. Kiss Kiss Kill Kill (aka Hunting the Unknown), Death Is Nimble, Death Is Quick and So Darling, So Deadly will all occupy a single disc (in full-screen, sadly--though I'm not sure about the original aspect ratio) as "The Kommissar X Collection." Unfortunately, it doesn't say "Volume 1" on the cover, but maybe, if these sell at all well, Image will see fit to release further installments? Who cares! At least we're getting these ones, right? The genre bible The Eurospy Guide calls Kommissar X "one of the most entertaining of sixties spy series," which certainly sounds promising. The movies star Tony Kendall and Brad Harris.

I'm not sure why Image opted for that weird, modern, porno-looking photo cover instead of using some of the wonderful poster art the series generated in its day, but that's a very minor quibble. I'm indebted to Image for putting this out, so they can do what they want artwise!

Thanks to the aptly named poster "Kommissar X" for posting this exciting news to the Eurospy Forum.

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