Nov 2, 2006

Top (00)7 List

As I explained in my very first entry, I decided to commence my spy blog with a somewhat random list of the top seven people in the world of spy entertainment on my mind at the moment, in late October of 2006. You can now read that list in descending order below.
I’m still experimenting with my regular format, but overall I’m fairly pleased with how that list went. I like using a specific person, book, movie, etc. as a headline and starting point and then going off on (mostly) spy-related tangents from there, cramming in as much information and opinion, and as many links, as I can. It may not be the most organized method, but hopefully it makes for a fun read. Plus, the graphics and bold words should be able to key you in to what you’re missing if you’re skimming!

So I think I’ll continue in this fashion, mixed in with more timely news items and current reviews. Below, the initial list, which serves as a basic primer for what this blog is all about. Above and to come, probably more of the same! (But without numbers.)

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