Nov 30, 2010

Archer Returns January 27

We knew that the best new spy show of 2011, FX's highly irreverent and highly stylized animated spoof Archer, would come back in January.  Now, thanks to Deadline, we know exactly when.  Season 2 of Archer will kick off on Thursday, January 27, at 10PM.  I've seen the second season premiere, and I think it might be the series' best episode to date.  It's also a great jumping-on point for new viewers (not that you couldn't really begin with any episode), so if you missed out on the first season (and aren't too easily offended), be sure to tune in!  Of course, by the end of January no one should have missed out on Season 1, since Archer: Season 1 comes out on DVD on December 28.  Sterling Archer is a superspy and a jerk, as smarmy as any Eurospy hero.  Some of the publicity material put it best: "Think James Bond without any of the good qualities."  It's a hilarious send-up, and the Cold War-era design aesthetic is sumptuous to behold.

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