Nov 18, 2010

First Pictures Of Zoe Saldana In Action In New Neo-Eurospy Movie

Latino Review (via /film) has posted the first pictures we've seen of Zoe Saldana in action as sexy assassin Cataleya Restrepo (gotta love that name!) in Luc Besson's latest neo-Eurospy movie, Columbiana.  As previously reported, she will be the first female lead in one of these EuropaCorp-produced budget action thrillers and, continuing the gender reversal, Alias's Michael Vartan will be the Eurospy babeTransporter 3's Olivier Megaton directs from a script by Besson and his Taken collaborator Robert Mark Kamen. That's just one of several intriguing pictures; head over to Latino Review to see the rest.
Thanks to Josh for the tip!

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Delmo said...

Good lord-can someone get some muscle on this girl? She wasn't that convincing in "The Losers".