Nov 17, 2010

Tradecraft: Pierce Brosnan Returns To Television

The spy news just keeps flying today! Deadline reports that Pierce Brosnan is plotting a return to television, where he got his start as Remington Steele more nearly three decades ago.  The untitled show, from Sony Pictures Television and JAG and ER writer-producer Jack Orman, has a very ITC ring to it, which I like.  It's about an international private investigator.  Put "international" before "private investigator" and you've almost got "spy!"  The premise, according to the trade blog, "centers on a 'fixer,' [a] private investigator specializing in international crisis intervention who is called in to help solve homicides, abductions, financial schemes and other crimes anywhere in the world."  Sounds a lot like it could be an ITC series out of Sixties Britain, doesn't it?  I love that!  (In fact, it sounds very much like Strange Report with a more global scope.) Deadline goes on to reveal that the series "is largely based on the real-life experiences of international PI Logan Clarke, head of the Los Angeles-based Clarke International Investigations."  Now here's the catch: "Brosnan won't play the lead, but is expected to have a smaller role on the show in the vein of Hugh Jackman's involvement on Viva Laughlin, which also was  produced by Sony TV." D'oh.  That's a bit disappointing, because, seriously, how awesome would Brosnan be as an international troubleshooter?  I don't want to see him as the guy stuck behind a desk who sends a younger hero off on his assignments!  Hopefully his role will be more substantial than that.  Still, the man's got a film career to think about.  (Very possibly fuelled by an Oscar nomination this winter!)  He probably can't commit to star on a TV series.  Instead he's producing, through his Irish DreamTime company, and lending his celebrity in whatever capacity it ends up being to make the series more appealing.  The strategy seems to be working.  Owing to Brosnan's star presence, the trade blog reports that the project is likely to go directly to series, bypassing the usual pilot process.  Sony is currently shopping it to international broadcasters with the goal of landing pre-sales overseas before taking it to U.S. networks.

You know, with Brosnan doing television again (and speaking of shows that are sold to international markets before going to American networks), I can't help but wish he were doing the new Saint series that Roger Moore and Co. are producing.  I know, I know; Brosnan's way too old to be Simon Templar nowadays... but he's just so right for the role, I'd love to see it anyway! 


Delmo said...

Similar to my comment in the Clooney/U.N.C.L.E. post, I'd deal with Brosnan playing the Saint, or the lead in this show. He could always do movies in between seasons.

Tanner said...

Absolutely agree. I'd take Brosnan as Templar at any age. Man, that would be so great! Sigh. If only it were happening.