Nov 8, 2010

Tradecraft: Besson's Latest Neo-Eurospy Lands US Distributor

Remember that Guy Pearce neo-Eurospy movie that we heard was in the works from EuropaCorp, Lockout?  The premise is deliciously formulaic: A disgraced government agent must save the President's daughter...  And the twist is deliciously absurd: space!  I love it.  Sounds like one of those gonzo crazy Eurospy titles like Operation Atlantis that gleefully mixed genres and basically just threw everything in a blender and damn the consequences.  Well, now Lockout has an American distributor.  Deadline reports that Graham King's fledgling distributor Film District has acquired the US rights.  No release date has been set. James Mather and Stephen St. Leger will direct from a script they co-wrote with Luc Besson (who also produces). Taken's Maggie Grace once again plays the imperiled daughter, and Peter Stormare and Tom Hollander co-star. Cool!

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