Nov 11, 2010

Tradecraft: AMC Cancels Rubicon

Deadline reports that cable network AMC has cancelled the low-key spy drama Rubicon shortly after it wrapped up its first (and now only) season.  That's really too bad, becuase the show, about one of the many private intelligence contractors analyzing data for the CIA and the Pentagon, had just gotten really good in its final episodes.  A new showrunner came aboard early on, but his mark was finally being felt towards the end.  Rubicon drew my interest more as it began dealing more with the day-to-day operations at the company, API, and focused less on the sensational conspiracy that dominated the pilot.  I also appreciated that stuff had finally started happening later in the season!  The early episodes moved at a truly glacial pace and nothing really happened, but I was still compelled to keep watching because of the interesting characters and unique setting.  Sticking with the series proved to pay off.  I was fully on board by the season finale, which was was a good conclusion to the season, but hardly a satisfactory resolution for the whole show.  I was looking forward to another season.  I suppose there's always the chance that another cable network might pick it up, but that sounds unlikely.  It's a shame. 

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