Nov 3, 2010

Reminder: Burn Notice Starts Early This Winter

USA has started an ad campaign to remind viewers that the winter portion of Season 4 of Burn Notice kicks off in November this year instead of January, as previously announced.  November 11, to be precise–next week!  Deadline points out that the poster boasts virtually the same tagline as A&E's The Glades, which is also set in Florida. Consequently, USA has stopped using it.


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait until Burn Notice is back! Who knows what will be revealed this season?!

I'm rather hoping Jesse won't remain a part of the team too long though. If he does, I hope his role starts to fit with the others better.

Tanner said...

Me either!

Yeah, I think I agree about Jesse. I liked him at first, but by the end of the season it seemed like his usefullness had worn out and he was just being shoehorned-rather awkwardly-into the episodes. The dynamic between the three original leads (or four if you count Madeline) was so good that I missed it. Jesse's presence didn't just shake things up as it was no doubt intended to; it messed up that dynamic. I don't know if that's the actor's fault, though, or the writers'.

As for this early winter season, my number one hope remains for a Burn Notice Christmas episode with Bruce dressed as Santa!

Anonymous said...

A Burn Notice that could be interesting! Sam would make perfect Santa.

Only seven more days until we find out what happened!