Nov 17, 2010

James Bond And Indiana Jones Together Again

The last time Indiana Jones teamed up with James Bond, it was Sean Connery.  Now it's Daniel Craig.  /Film has the first photos from Jon Favreau's upcoming sci-fi extravaganza Cowboys and Aliens, starring Craig and Harrison Ford.  This shot's sure to become iconic no matter how good the movie turns out to be, simply based on these actors' past baggage!  You can watch the teaser trailer for Cowboys and Aliens here.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this is from one of the worst writing teams in Hollywood.

Tanner said...

Let me guess: a disgruntled Trekkie? Sure, Transformers sucked, but based on their spy filmography (M:I:III, Alias, Jack of All Trades), I've got no complaints about these guys whatsoever! In fact, I'd call them one of the best writing teams in Hollywood. They're certainly the most lucrative. Also, as someone with no vested interest in the series prior to the new movie, I loved their Star Trek. It made me finally go back and watch the other films.