Nov 9, 2010

Tradecraft: Ludlum-Based TV Show On The Back Burner

I'd been wondering about this.  With Tony Gilroy's weird, Jason Bourne-less (and Matt Damon-less) Bourne spinoff movie The Bourne Legacy focusing on the Treadstone program that honed covert operatives into mindless killing machines, it looks like the Treadstone TV series we heard about a few months ago is on the back burner, if not dead in the water.  According to Deadline (and hidden in the midst of an article about the new Dune feature at Parmount), it was a condition of Gilroy's acceptance of the directing assignment that Treadstone be liquidated–at least for the moment.  (The two Treadstone mythologies might have, forgive me, tread upon each others' toes.)  Too bad.  I think I'd be more willing to accept a spinoff without Bourne himself in a different medium than as a feature.  I was excited about that TV show, which was being developed by CSI creator Anthony Zuiker.

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