Nov 23, 2010

Lots Of Spy DVD Deals This Week

Deep Discount's annual winter sale has begun.  It's 25% off (just enter the coupon code "25MORE" at checkout), but as with the last couple of sales, it's not quite as good as it was in the old days, because the sale doesn't apply to every item in stock and the seller has raised their prices on a lot of items in advance of the sale.  Still, prices do end up being at least a little bit cheaper, and there are some great deals if you look around.  What I'm most excited about is that the sale includes the recently released Columbia Classics DVDs on demand, and makes them just $14.74 each.  The first wave of Columbia DVD-R's included such spy titles as Otley (a true classic that everyone needs in their collection!), DuffyThe Executioner and Man on a String. The 25% off Winter Sale runs through December 10. 

Of course there are lots of amazing Black Friday deals going on this weekend, too, at brick and mortar stores.  Best Buy is selling a lot of recent neo-Eurospy movies at cut-rate prices.  From Thursday to Saturday, both Taken (review here) and From Paris With Love will be on sale for just $9.99 on Blu-ray and just $5.99 on DVD.  There are a lot of Lionsgate titles on sale, which makes me realize how many spy movies the studio put out this year (without a hit among them, sadly): besides From Paris With Love, Killers and The Spy Next Door are also part of the sale. 


dfordoom said...

I'm tempted by Otley, but amazon's website points out one of the many disadvantages of the DVD-R format. They may not play in a computer DVD drive. Certainly the DVD drive in my Apple iMac won't play DVD-Rs.

It's no big deal to me since I hate watching movies on the computer screen anyway and I always watch them on my DVD player (which copes with DVD-Rs just fine). But it's something to bear in mind.

Tanner said...

Yet another negative point about the DVD-R craze, but despite all the very reasonable gripes, I fear it's here to stay and if we want catalog titles on DVD, this is how we're going to have to get them. I don't watch movies on my computer either (can't stand it!), but this may affect people who have no choice but to watch Region 1 titles on their computers with VLC Media Player. (And it means I can't do screengrabs when I get around to reviewing one of these titles.)

dfordoom said...

Tanner, I certainly agree, and it's better to have these movies on DVD-R than not have them at all. I don't have a huge issue with DVD-Rs - my concern is always that I want to see movies complete and uncut and if that's how they're presented on these DVD-Rs I'll be happy.